Bali is on FIRE!!!

By: iamAldonLopez | January 26, 2019

Let me go to the place which located at the ‘Pacific Rim of Fire’. This country is literally on fire because of its amazing tourist attractions and action in Bali has to offer. A place that has the most active Volcanoes in the world and it offers gorgeous sunsets, has biggest Buddhist temple, a very popular Bananas in the world, largest coffee producers in the world, the largest Lizard in the world. A place to relax and get a good massage.

img_20170919_061546 “Inside Cebu Pacific whilst I was on my trip to Bali, Indonesia.”

This trip, I was lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful locations and resorts the island has to offer, beginning in Tanah Lot Temple, then to Masakan, Pantai Pandawan, Abian, Subak, and Uluwatu. The thing I love most about Bali is that it offers something for everyone, the amazing wave breaks, some of the beautiful beaches, exotic weather, laidback atmosphere, rich heritage, and food and fantastic restaurants. As a matter of fact, I been here 4 times and looking forward to going back. One of the reasons why I want to keep coming back here because of the 21-famous beaches and of course, the ‘Luwak’ coffee. Aside from the famous beaches in Bali such as Kuta, Sanur, and Nusa Dua. There are still 21- beaches in Bali, but I haven’t been to all of these. I will make sure that next time I would be able to visit these other beaches that I haven’t been into such as Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Amed Beach, Thomas Beach, Balian Beach, Bingin Beach, White Sand Beach, Suluban Beach, Medewi Beach, Blue Lagoon, Pandang-Pandang Beach, Sundays Beach Club, Keramas Beach, Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Bay, Echo Beach. Now, I will share the other beaches that I been into:  

Dreamland Beach

This is located at Bukit peninsula. I highly recommend this for beachgoers and surfers who enjoy some of Bali’s best reef breaks near the shore. This is also a hidden beach in Bali with stretches of white sand sheltered by limestone cliffs.

received_2040304912653668 Amazing wave breaks at Dreamland beach.”

Gunung Payung

A secret beach was once a very steep road which takes up to 3-1 steps trek up and down. I’m glad now, it has a smooth road carved down the cliff for easy access. You’ll also find plenty of sunbeds, spots for refreshments and umbrellas to keep cool. This one is really worth to visit.

Karma Beach (formerly known as Nammos Beach Club)

An exclusive beach. However, public guests are also welcome as it’s open for a beach picnic, as well as water sports and beach activities. This place is located at Karma Kandara Resort, Jalan Villa Kandara, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan.


Seminyak Beach

This beach is situated in the heart of Bali’s oceanfront action. A very crowded beach as there are plenty of beach bars, hotels, and restaurants just footsteps from the seashore. This place is for you if you like to enjoy soaking up with the sunshine on a squishy sun bed, flamboyant beanbag at La Plancha.

“I love this very colourful umbrellas.”

Kuta and Legian Beach

This is Bali’s famous beach resort destination. It is just minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban. There are various accomodation options, shopping malls and dining scenes nearby. Most wanderers look forward to visiting Kuta for an entertaining and inexpensive Bali escape.

Morning shot at Kuta Beach.”

Sanur Beach (Best for cycling and sunrise) – it’s really no doubt that this coastal promenade that extends over 5km long is the best location for wondrous sunrise and cycling. It also has great old villas-built decades ago by the wealthy expats who fell under Bali’s spell. This is definitely good for couples as you can take a romantic stroll with your partner during the morning while watching the spectacular sunrise.

“From Tandjung Sari hotel at Sanur Beach, you can see the Mt. Agung.”

Pandawa Beach

This beach is located at Badung South Kuta. This is known to be one of the regions secret beaches because it is situated behind a mountainous and large carved limestone cliff that reveal wide views to the Indian Ocean. It was officially opened in 2012, fast-gaining popularity among local weekenders and international visitors.

Splendid natural sea panorama view and white sand in secret beach (Pantai Pandawa).”

On the other hand, you can also learn something new here in Bali, Indonesia. If you are the type of person who likes to go to places associated with the temple. This place is for you. Bali, Indonesia has iconic landmarks when it comes to temple. They feature magnificent centuries-old architecture. Each temple is unique and magical.

Uluwatu Temple

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This temple is in Uluwatu, South Kuta Badung. This small temple was built at the edge (ulu) of a 70-meter high cliff or rock projecting into the sea was expanded by a Javanese sage, Empu Kuturan in the 11th Century. This temple is inhabited by monkeys, who are notorious for snatching visitors’ belongings. Please make sure to keep an eye with your belongings. However, they can be persuaded into trading the items for fruit. When you visit here, don’t forget to bring fruits.

“At the edge of Uluwatu.”

Tanah Lot Temple

This temple features a unique offshore setting. It is on the coast of Beraban village, kediri, Tabanan Regency, Bali. This temple is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home to the ancient Hindu pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot, a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography.

“This temple is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. “

Pura Ulun Danu Batur

It features around nine majestic temples within its complex. There’s also over 200 different shrines and pavilions inside. This is also one of the important temples in Kintamani, Central Bali.

“An important temple in Kintamani, Central Bali.”

Ground Zero Memorial

On October 2002, there was a bombing attacked wherein 202 people killed and 209 people were injured. They built this permanent memorial site the destroyed Paddy’s Pub on Legian Street. It is a great tribute to a terrible past event.

“Ground Zero Memorial.”

Tegalalang Terrace

This is located at 5km northern part of Ubud village and own the spectacular view of rice terraces. You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of the valley with rice terrace and coconut trees ornament. This is one of the tourist icons in Ubud Bali and expects a lot of tourists every day. You will see the Balinese farmer doing rice field in the oblique area.

Luwak Coffee

This coffee is from The Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxus Hermaphroditus). They feed them with cherries and process it with standard sanitation and hygiene, but they preserve its natural, exotic taste and aroma. Technically, it’s from the poop of Luwak. (LOL) You can include this in your itinerary when you visit Bali in order to see how it’s being done. They have many coffee and tea to choose from such as Mangosteen peel tea, Lemongrass tea, Ginger tea, Lemon tea, Rosella Tea, Red Ginger tea, Ginseng tea, Bali coffee, Cocoa Spices, Vanilla Coffee, Mocca Coffee, and Coconut Coffee.

The Bali experience is something that can’t be explained, it’s a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. Bali is called “The Island of The Gods”, and “The Pacific Rim of Fire”.

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