A Great Journey to a God's Perfect Creation (Tinipak River)

By: iamAldonLopez | January 19, 2019

I would always be thankful to witness a precious God-given nature that would always leave a mark in my heart. I never thought that there’s still well-maintained river, forest and a good heart in the Philippines. People here are well-mannered, they made sure that their guests are in good hand. They provide good service. They’re not even asking for more in return. I’m looking forward to visiting here again along with my other friends; so, they can also witness this beautiful creature. This wondrous place is situated in between boundaries of Barangay Daraitan in Rizal and General Nakar in Quezon Province in the Philippines. Tinipak river is very famous to mountaineers since this is the main attraction after summiting Mt. Daraitan and Mt. Mamara. In fact, this river was being awarded as the cleanest inland body of water in Region IV.

img_1577“Enjoying the Crystal Clear Water.”

This place surprised not only me but also for the people who have already visited and I’m pretty sure that it’s exceeded our expectations. Superb! And so, without further a due. Let me share you my inexpensive itinerary. 

img_1549“The view of Mt. Daraitan.”

Here is my ITINERARY:

4:30AM – Take a VAN going to Tanay, Rizal from Shaw Boulevard (Starmall – terminal) Fee: 70.00php


7:00 AMArriving at Tanay. Take a tricycle going to Brgy. Daraitan. Fee: 500.00php per trip. Best if you are 5persons so you divide the cost into 5. (Look for ‘Manong Delo‘ or you may contact his number (0946) 708 9223. It seems like we were in the educational tour as the driver was very informative. 

8:00 AMArriving at Brgy. Hall Daraitan.

  • Registration Fee: 30.00php
  • Crossing the Bridge: 5.00php each
  • Headlight rental: 30.00php
  • Tour Guide: 500.00php (Choose ‘Kuya Totoy‘ as your Tour Guide as he has been a tour guide since he was a kid. He knows everything in the area)

8:20 AM Breakfast Time. There’s a lot of food eateries to choose around the area. 50.00php per meal.

8:30 AMOrientation. You will be oriented on what to expect and how far it will be.

8:40 AMstart the trek/hike. 2-km from Brgy. Hall to the campsite of Tinipak river. We passed by a cemetery. We were welcomed by the fascinating view of mountain range plus the impressively maintained river, we had a quick stop to take pictures. By the way, Let me introduce you my plastic friend, Rona. She was with me during the whole trekked through the river, cave and mountain. I think this is how it started our friendship. She used to be my boss who happens to be my real friend. Well, I’m not sure if it’s really real! (hahaha) We are still figuring it out tho. 

10:20AMCampsite. (Rest for a moment before heading to Tinipak River and cross the Bridge going to Tinipak Cave)

NOTE: Fee: 5.00php for crossing the Bridge.

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11:00AMOur very 1st cave experience. Going down through a stiffy cave entrance was quite hard, the hole wasn’t wide enough to accommodate two people at a time. Our source of light was also lacking with only one flashlight on our head made the trail more intricate, we had to walk really close to each other and had to be cautious in every step until we reach the main point of the cave, the underground river. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain prior to the day we were there, the underground river is not clear.

“Going inside the cave.”

12:00NNWe decided to enjoy the running crystal water. Swimming time, and ate our canned goods and yogurt before heading to Mt. Mamara, the newly opened trail and mountain. 

“Ohh, I feel like I want to spend time here forever!”

1:30PMAble to reach the top of Mt. Mamara. The most exciting and challenging part.

3:00PMBack to the campsite. We tried the cold water from ‘Bukal‘ (wellspring). It’s like mineral water.

A very refreshing water from wellspring (bukal).”

4:00PMBack to Brgy. Hall. We took a shower. Fee: 15.00php

4:30PMRide a Jeepney going to Tanay. Fee: 100.00php

5:40PMTanay to Shaw Boulevard. Take a Van. Fee: 70.00php

7:00PMArriving at Starmall shaw.

It was one of my awesome experiences EVER!!! Thanks God for your beautiful creation!

Address: Tanay, Rizal, Philippines / Hours: 8:00AM – 5:00PM / Phone: +63 928 268 9723

Date of experience: June 2016

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43 thoughts on “A Great Journey to a God's Perfect Creation (Tinipak River)

  1. Such a lovely place. Used to live in Rizal but I never had a chance to go there. Thank you for this detailed blog of yours.

  2. Tinipak River In the Philippines looks so nice. Would love to visit and walk next to the river.

  3. Wow, what an amazing hike. I would be like you and just have the rushing waters of the river just go around me like that one photo. It seems so relaxing!

  4. What impressed me in your photos is how pristine the area is and also the clearness of the water. Beautiful spot.

  5. Very lovely post, love all the beautiful captures shared here, wish am travelling & enjoying this place lightings too. thanks for this great sharing ya 😀
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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