You will never get lost in Koh Larn Island-Pattaya

By: iamAldonLopez | December 22, 2018

As stated on my previous blog, I will share you the wondrous sightseeing place of Koh Larn island. Koh Larn is a glorious island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is located off the coast of Pattaya Beach which about 2-hour drive from Bangkok. The landscape is mostly mountainous, and the foundation is mainly narrow roadways covered with brick pavers. Be careful when you are going to ride a motorbike as the road going to the beach and up to the hill are very steep and only wide enough for two motorbikes to pass by each other.

There are six main beaches in Koh Larn island to visit such as Nual beach, Samae beach, Tien beach, Tawaen beach, Tonglang beach, and Tayai beach. All the beaches offer cerulean waters and white sand. If you are into water activities, you can find it here as well. Just don’t expect that it is inexpensive, it certainly bit pricey. All beaches in Koh Larn have finest restaurants too. If you want to have access to their facilities such as toilets and showers, you just pay 5-20 baht. You can definitely have a very relaxing day experience in Koh Larn away from the hubbub city. If you want to have an overnight stay here, yes, you can as they have budget rooms to glory accommodation. cheapest hotels ever.

Map of Koh Larn Island with my pictures on it.”

How to get to Koh Larn Island:

 There are 2 ways on how to go to Koh Larn island. You can either choose the speedboat which only takes up to 15-minutes, but it is a bit costly as it ranges from 300-400 baht per person and if you want to hire the whole boat for your group, the cost would be 2,000 to 3,500 baht depending on the size of the speedboat you want to hire or the cheapest (my recommended) option would be the public transport boat which will take you up to 45-minutes. There are 2 ports in Koh Larn island called ‘Naban’ (the main village), and ‘Tawaen’ beach port. The ferry fare to both destinations is only 30 baht per person each way. By getting there, you need to go to Bali Hai Pier where the ferry is docked. Then, you pay just as you board at the booth next to where the boat is docked. Please be informed that Koh Larn ferry boat has its own schedule. Check the schedule below:

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I would suggest that when you arrive at any port of Koh Larn, it’s better to rent a motorbike and feel free to explore as much as you like and enjoy! It’s boring when you only stuck in one place once you get to Koh Larn. Motorbike rental is only 300 baht per day.

Nual Beach

This beach is located at the southern part of Koh Larn island. I like this beach because it has scenic view and it is quieter compared to Tawaen and Samae beach. Everything is transportable but there are still showers, toilets and restaurants and many food stalls. This beach is good for snorkeling and swimming. This beach also inhabited by a small group of monkeys. If you want to see them, just go on the hill side of the beach and you can even feed them.

View of Nual Beach.”

Samae Beach

What I like about Samae beach is that it is huge, and the water here is clear as well compared to other 5 beaches. It measures 537 meters long so, even though, more than 800-3,000 people visited here every day during high season. You can still have enough space for your photo opt. This beach is good for activities such as banana boat, jet ski and snorkeling. You can also have good choices for food as there are many restaurants that line the entire beach. If you want to have an overnight stay here. There are cheapest resorts as well.

“Look how crystal the water is at Samae Beach.”

Tawaen Beach  

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This is the most visited beach in Koh Larn island and by far, the most developed. Like Samae beach, it also has more than 3,000 visitors daily. Sun reveres from all over the world come here to gather the morning rays. When they come back to their homeland, they get to boast their newly acquired tan skin. Some of the restaurants here serve international cuisine. This beach is also good for water activities. Check the cheapest hotel here if you want to stay more than one day.

“Tawaen Beach.”

Tien Beach

This beach seems very quiet and relaxed. There is a bridge going to Tien beach from Samae. The water here is clear too and there are small restaurants and many souvenir shops along the beach. This is a mid-sized beach.

“Tien Beach”

Tayaiy Beach

Tayaiy Beach is the smallest of the main beaches. I like the big rocks that just out of the water at each end of the beach. This is a nice little beach and it doesn’t seem to get very crowded. Nice place to spend an easy day. There is one restaurant here and it has many of the same services you will find on the bigger beaches. 

“Tayaiy Beach”

Tonglang Beach

This is also a mid-sized beach and the stretch of sand here is narrower compared to 5 other beaches.

“Tonglang beach with my Pinoy friend who travels a lot. His IG is @poppy_gee_travels “
“Going back to Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya. Thank you all for reading!!!”

If you are about to ask how much budget should you save if you are interested to dive in to Koh Larn Island. Well, your 1,000-1,500 baht is more than enough if you choose the cheapest way. And you can enjoy your day experience already.

Thank you for reading! See you on my next article.

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